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Change your lock| Philips DDL709-FVP handle your home safety in one go

Aug. 04, 2023

If you're on the fence about whether to replace the smart lock, you may find two main attitudes towards this issue: Someone satisfied with the smart lock, while someone hesitating: Is smart lock a stupid tax? Does the smart lock still work when the power is dead? Is the face unlock can be cracked by a picture?

Today, I am gonna be a “worry crusher” to remove your misunderstanding and concerns about the smart lock.


Q1: Is the door lock can be cracked by a picture or a fake fingerprint?

The answer is no. Firstly, Philips DDL709-FVP adopts the SenseTime binocular recognition technology in the face unlock function. When you stay outside the door, the face recognition module will be activated to catch the 3D stereo imaging from simulating the human eye imaging on the dual camera. Being on makeup or wearing glasses will not affect the recognition effect, but the picture can not crack the door lock. No simulation can activate Philips DDL709-FVP to unlock the door.

More than that, Philips EasyKey adopts the semiconductor fingerprint sensor which collects the elaborate fingerprint details under the surface of the skin for recognition, so the fake fingerprint from tape pasting can not unlock the door.

Q2: What should we do if the smart lock is picked on the door?

Take it easy! All the products from Philips EasyKey need to go through a series of professional tests before launching on the market. Take the anti-prying capability as an example, the shell material of Philips EasyKey meets the standard of IP52 level in the GB/T 4208-2017.

Philips EasyKey adopts anti-dismantling, system lock, and other multiple alarm functions. DDL709-FVP carries an ultrasonic sensor. Once there is an abnormal motion outside the door, the camera will be activated and record the abnormal motions, meanwhile, a motion alarm will be generated and pushed to the mobile phone. Philips EasyKey protects you from any safety hidden dangers.

Change your lock| Philips DDL709-FVP handle your home safety in one go

Q3: Do smart locks become completely useless in case of emergency?

No! As an electronic product, the smart lock can not be separated from the power support, but theres no need to worry even if the power runs out. There are emergency egress designs on the rear escutcheon of Philips EasyKey, such as the emergency rotary knob for unlocking the door upon one rotation. Using a power bank or the mechanical key for emergency unlocking is also supported. Let you no more worry about the power-off.

Please replace the battery in time in case of a low battery or power-off. The lithium battery should be taken off and charged.

Q4: Do I need to replace my door every time I replace the smart lock?

No! Philips EasyKey is suitable for security, copper, or wooden door, and the suitable door thickness range is 38-60mm. To match the well-matched accessories for your door, the installer will confirm your door lock information one-on-one before the sale, such as the type of mortise plate, the door seam size, etc. The installation and usage of your smart lock are guaranteed.

Free home installation service is also supported to save your mind and effort. You can schedule the installation service anytime you want after receiving your product.

Q5: How to select a smart lock?

A good smart lock should be safe, convenient, and multifunctional. Philips DDL709-FVP sets door viewer, doorbell, and door lock as a whole, adopts the face unlock, remote viewing, indoor HD screen, abnormal motion alert, and other functions. No more hassle, no need camera, doorbell, and other separate devices, works out your home safety troubles at one go.