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  • Philips Easykey DDL702-1HWS push-pull door lock

  • Philips Easykey DDL702-1HWS push-pull door lock

  • Philips Easykey DDL702-1HWS push-pull door lock

  • Philips Easykey DDL702-1HWS push-pull door lock

  • Philips Easykey DDL702-1HWS push-pull door lock

Philips Easykey DDL702-1HWS push-pull door lock

Remote video monitoring, visible security

Adopted with a PIR, when someone moves around within 3 meters at the front door, the Philips DDL702-1HWS will capture a photo or a video and push it to the App via Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to know who's at the door anytime.

Product description

Philips Easykey DDL702-1HW push-pull door lock

Realtime's on Wi-Fi connection, always know who’s at the door

The DDL702-1HWS smart video lock makes real-time online via the Wi-Fi connection. After binding the Philips EasyKey App, you can view the lock activity history and encrypted information, remotely send temporary PIN codes, and view the real-time situation at the door by clicking the video button.

Two-way intercom, make real-time communication everywhere

When the visitor presses the doorbell, a message will push to the APP instantly. If the APP runs in the foreground, it will receive a call reminder; if the APP runs in the background, it will receive a message.

You could start a two-way intercom by tapping the message box to connect with the App. When the doorbell rings, the video lock will automatically record the video, so you won't miss any visitor information even when you are not home.

PIR human body detection, instantly pushed alert upon the abnormal situation

Adopted with the PIR, when someone moves around the front door within 3 meters, the AI humanoid detection algorithm will identify abnormal dynamics by instantly capturing a photo or a video, and simultaneously pushing a message to the APP  through the encrypted cloud server. Now that it allows you to fully manage the dynamics at the front door and avoid security risks.


Security day & night

  • Dual verificationDual verification

    Verification portfolio provides double security, in this mode, you could open the door with both fingerprint and PIN code, which provide double assurance for home security.

  •  Hidden fingerprint sensor Multiple alert function

    Featured multiple alerts of anti-dismantling, abnormal bolt, outside forced locking, and low battery level reminder, Philips DDL702-1HWS instantly safeguards the family and reminds you of the lock status. Now that is peace of mind.

  •  C-grade lock cylinder C-grade lock cylinder

    The lock cylinder is the key component that controls the opening of the lock. DDL702-1HWS's C-grade lock cylinder employs multiple anti-theft technologies with a unique design of pin tumbler and vane structure. As the time for technical lock-picking resistance is more than 270 mins, enhanced security is assured.


Build an effective and affordable smart home from zero.

  • Unlock and go at willIndoor infrared sensor unlock, door's open when the hand is detected

    With a touch sensor and an infrared sensor on the indoor handle, once the hand touches the touch sensor and the infrared sensor detects the obstruction, the door can be easily unlocked.

  • Wireless network extension prepared for future smart life5000 mAh lithium battery, stable and long-lasting

    When the battery charges to full capacity and Wi-Fi is continuously connected, the lithium battery life can last for 2 months* with a daily 5-minute video call and 10-time door opening. When the battery level is less than 7.2V, the "low-battery level" reminder will be pushed to the App, and the battery can last for approximately 1 month under the frequency of a daily 10-time door opening after the video function is automatically off.

  • Auto locking, enjoy the reassurance after closing the doorFully automatic mortise, eliminate the hassle of manually locking

    Philips DDL702-1HWS utilizes a fully automatic mortise. Without the need for extra action, the bolt will spontaneously pop up upon closing the door. If the door is not locked fitly,  it will trigger an alert to remind you of the door lock status.

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