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  • Philips DDL503-13HBS

  • Philips DDL503-13HBS

  • Philips DDL503-13HBS

  • Philips DDL503-13HBS

  • Philips DDL503-13HBS

Philips DDL503-13HBS

Sleek and compact design, with effortless setup to save your time

Featuring a sleek and compact design, Philips DDL503-13HBS allows for fast and simple setup with no mortise required. Perfect for home, studios, offices, or stores. Ditch the keys and enjoy easy access to your space with this product.

Product description

Philips DDL503-13HBS

Semiconductor fingerprint, instant unlock with one touch

Unlock the door with a single touch of your fingertip using the semiconductor fingerprint sensor of the DDL503-13HBS. With a recognition speed of ≤0.5 seconds*, enjoy a fast and convenient door-opening experience.

3 unlocking methods, say goodby to the key-only era

Our DDL503-13HBS smart lock supports three unlocking methods: fingerprint, PIN code, and mobile app. This allows you to effortlessly and securely unlock your door in any situation, meeting your various unlocking needs. With our smart and convenient unlocking experience, you'll enjoy the ultimate peace of mind.

Switch between 5 languages, effortlessly meet your diverse needs

Philips DDL503-13HBS smart lock features real human voice navigation*, supporting five languages including Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian. With simple operation and easy language switching, it can meet the diverse needs of users.


Security day & night

  • Dual verificationApp* control, manage your locks with our all-in-one solution

    By connecting the DDL503-13HBS lock to the Philips EasyKey Plus App, you can access information such as battery level and activity history, and even unlock the door with a single touch on your phone from up to 10 meters* away.

  •  Hidden fingerprint sensor Hall sensor, automatic locking upon door closed

    Our lock comes with Hall sensor technology to automatically lock the door as soon as it's closed in auto mode. The deadbolt pops up instantly, providing you with peace of mind as you leave.

  •  C-grade lock cylinder Multiple alerts, safeguarding your home

    Our DDL503-13HBS smart lock comes with multiple alerts including anti-disassembly, system lockout, abnormal deadbolt, and privacy mode alerts.  It not only provides constant protection for your home, but also keeps you updated on the condition of the door lock in real time for your convenience.

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