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  • Philips DDL210S-12H

  • Philips DDL210S-12H

  • Philips DDL210S-12H

  • Philips DDL210S-12H

Philips DDL210S-12H

Keyless access, worry free and convenient

The keyless door lock provides you the option to secure your home without any keys. Unlock your door with just a PIN code.

Product description

Philips DDL210S-12H

Keyless entry: Allows you to enter your home easily

This lock stores up to 20 permanent PIN codes. It's much easier to unlock your door with the PIN code than with a key. The key-free lock allows you not to carry keys anymore, and there are no keys to lend or lose. With the auto-lock feature, you don't need to worry about forgetting to lock the door.

Ultra-long battery life: Lasts up to 1 year

This electronic door lock consumes little power and lasts up to 1 year* with 4 AA alkaline batteries. When the batteries run low, a low battery alert will remind you to change your batteries, preventing a lockout.

Voice guide: To assist with setting up your lock

Voice guidance guides you through configuration of the lock without the need for an instruction manual. English, French, and Spanish voice guides are available.


Security day & night

  • Dual verificationDedicated design for perfection: Modernize your door

    Modern design fits your door. High quality touch screen keypad, available in multiple finishes. This digital door lock improves doors of any style.

  •  Hidden fingerprint sensor Easy installation: With just a screwdriver

    The door lock installs in minutes with just a screwdriver and is suitable for most standard door preps.

  •  C-grade lock cylinder Multiple alert function: Your home security guard

    This electronic door lock is equipped with a lockout alarm, a low battery alert, away mode for vacations, privacy mode and other security features to ensure the safety of your home at all times. Safer and more secure, Philips electronic deadbolt brings a new smart experience.

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