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Want to use manifold methods to unlock? Philips EasyKey can make it.

Nov. 26, 2021

Do you usually encounter the following key-related troubles? For example, you forget to take your key when you got home. Or you lost it the way on the way home. Even you were locked out of the house due to taking out the trash.

What the traditional common door lock brings us is the above key-related hassles and makes our daily travel hurried and inconvenient. For instance, we have to rummage our bags for the keys after we close the door in a hurry. When it comes to travel, we prefer to pursue more efficient travel modes.

Having a Philips Easykey can make your travel more convenient and safer.

Indoor infrared sensor unlocking

Convenient door opening upon touching

Most of the Philips smart door locks are equipped with touching sensors and infrared sensors. When you touch the sensor and infrared sensor could detect the obstacle as well, it will unlock immediately. Say goodbye to hurried travel. 

Want to use manifold methods to unlock? Philips EasyKey can make it.

Moreover, it employs full-auto mortise. The latch bolt would be automatically popped out to lock the door without using the key when you close the door. If the door isnt properly or fully locked, it would trigger the alert and prompt the door is unlocked.

Combining the indoor infrared sensor unlocking and full-auto mortise, Philips EasyKey simplifies the steps to unlock and lock the door. Unlocking the door through the infrared sensor, and automatically locking the door when the door is closed, which makes our travel more convenient.

Multi-function button

Double-click unlocking more convenient

The indoors escutcheon of most of the Philips EasyKey has designed OPEN/CLOSE button.

[OPEN] button: Double-click the [OPEN] button within one second can unlock the door, which can effectively prevent the door from accidentally unlocking by children and reduce the safety risk. 

[CLOSE] button: Single-click the [CLOSE] button can lock the door. Long press the button can deadlock, then the door can only be unlocked by master Master PIN code and mechanical key. Long press [OPEN] and [CLOSE] buttons simultaneously can turn on or off the touch sensor.

Indoors rotary knob

Unlock the door in one step

No matter the indoor infrared sensor or double-click [OPEN] button unlocking, it is the case that the smart door lock has sufficient battery and unlocks from indoors. But what if the smart door lock is out of battery? You can unlock the door with a mechanical key from outdoors. Is there any way we can open the door from indoors?

Actually, many Philips EasyKey are also equipped with an indoor rotary knob. When some function of the smart lock fails, the door can be unlocked from indoors through the indoor rotary knob. It is favorable that people quickly evacuate in emergency situations such as fire and power failure. The indoor rotary knob, provides a quick way to unlock and ensure our safety.

But, to make sure all the functions of the smart door lock can work, if the low battery alert appears, its better to replace the battery in time and pay attention not to mix the new and old battery.

At last, smart door lock plays a significant role on the door. Philips EasyKey is combined with a beautiful appearance, strong safety capability and high convenience, which becomes the first choice for someone who considers buying a smart door lock. Are you usually forget your key? Are you always rushing on commute? Indoor infrared sensor unlocking, multi-function button and indoor rotary knob could help you handle these problems, which could enhance our daily efficiency and sense of happiness.