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How to select the battery of smart door lock?

Nov. 12, 2021

As an electronic product, the battery plays a disposable role and is also the main power supply. Since the inferior battery is prone to bulge and leakage, which may cause damage to the door lock and shorten the battery life. So, the safety performance and quality of the battery are particularly important. 

How to select the battery of smart door lock?cid=6

How to select the battery?

First of all, you need to ensure the type of the battery and its specification. Most of the Philips smart door lock employ AA alkaline dry batteries. For the video smart door lock such as DDL702-1HW, it has integrated the functions of door viewer, doorbell and door lock. Its resulting power consumption is large which requires a large-capacity lithium battery to drive it. The 5000mAh lithium battery is not only safe, but also rechargeable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


Second, choose a battery brand with a good reputation. The upgrading of the smart door lock has improved the safety and capacity requirements of the battery. Furthermore, high-quality battery brands are more reliable in terms of quality, safety and battery life.

Finally, purchase through formal channels. It is very common to find a store that sells batteries on the market, but it is recommended to choose official flagship stores or reputable stores to avoid buying low-quality batteries.

It should be noted that it is not recommended to mix batteries of different brands and specifications. On the one hand, there will be deviations in battery power calculations of diverse brands and specifications. If you mix these batteries, the remaining power of the smart lock might display incorrectly. For example, when the battery is insufficient, but it shows that it has enough battery level. In this situation, it will affect the users experience of the smart door lock. On the other hand, different brands and specifications have different battery discharge capacities. Mixed-use may affect the normal operation of the smart door lock. 

How to select the battery of smart door lock?cid=6

The Philips EasyKey adopts various electric safety designs.

Philips EasyKey pays more attention to users using experience. It not only has multiple unlocking methods and assorted safety functions, but is also more humanized on electric use.

In terms of power consumption, Philips EasyKey can be used 10 times a day, and 8 batteries can be used continuously for about 10 months (the actual battery life is affected by functions such as networking), which not only avoids frequent battery replacement, but also reduce the energy consumption.

As the innovation and development of the technology of the smart door lock, it combines with video monitor, networking and fully automatic and other functions, which also have higher requirements on batterys service life and its security. To ensure its battery life, Philips DDL702-1HW video smart door lock employs a rechargeable 5000mAh large-capacity lithium battery. Under the full charge and connecting with Wi-Fi, the video function could be continuously used for 2 to 3 months with 5 minutes video call and 10 times door opening and closing every day.

In addition, under the 7.2V low battery, DDL702-1HW could automatically turn on the energy-saving mode, and turn off the video function. However, the function to open and close could also normally use for 1 month. *The data comes from the experimental environment, and the specific battery life is subject to its actual use.  

For protection design, the battery compartment of several Philips smart door locks adopts dual protection designs. Apart from the cover of the battery compartment, there is still has a layer that can fasten the batteries and protect them as well.

For electric safety, it has designed the low battery function, USB emergency interface and indoor emergency interface, which ensure that the door could normally use for safely in or out under low battery status or sudden power off.

Philips EasyKey gives you more sense of security on details.