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Could we use the fingerprint left on the smart door lock to unlock? Impossible!

May. 07, 2022

Among various biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition technology with the feature of convenience, fast speed and accuracy is widely used in public. The smart door lock is also no exception. This technology, which could unlock the door upon one touch, has become a popular unlocking method in recent years.

However, could the remaining fingerprint left on the smart door lock be copied? Will it impact fingerprint recognition if our fingerprint is injured and healed? For some major confusion on our daily use, you could find the answer in the following article.

1Could the remaining fingerprint left on the front escutcheon be copied to unlock?


Li Yongning, the chief security consultant of China Lock Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, suggests that the fingerprints left on smart locks are the same as other objects because most are formed by sweat on hands. Since we press every day, fingerprints are superimposed and make it hard to unlock the door by using common tape to copy the remaining fingerprint.


Moreover, the semiconductor fingerprint head adopted by Philips EasyKey is composed of tens of thousands of capacitors. The fingerprint head will collect finer fingerprint details through the skin epidermis, which makes the fingerprint fail to be easily copied and cracked, and effectively prevents using a fake fingerprint to unlock the door.


2Will fingerprint recognition be affected after the finger wound is healed?

There is unnecessary to worry if the fingerprint is only slightly worn or peeled. The reason is that the semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology Philips EasyKey adopted has a fingerprint repair function that can restore some damaged or blurred fingerprint images. Even if the fingerprint texture is broken, it would also automatically repair with accurate and sensitive identification and higher security.


Could we use the fingerprint left on the smart door lock to unlock? Impossible!

However, we can enter several fingerprints for backup if a single fingerprint is seriously worn or peeled and causes the smart door lock fails to unlock. Philips EasyKey allows entering 100 sets of fingerprints, which can meet the demands of the whole family.


It is common to appear that our fingers are injured or molting. As long as the finger dermis is not damaged, the fingerprint would be recovered after the wound is healed. Then, the smart door lock could normally be unlocked.


3What if the fingerprint recognition is insensitive?

Upon using the smart door lock for a long time, it is discovered that fingerprint recognition appears insensitiveness. Generally, it causes by the dirt on the fingerprint collection window. Hence, we should regularly and gently wipe the collection window with a dry soft cloth. Please be careful not to use a cleanser containing corrosive substances, or a steel cleaning ball, which probably scratches the fingerprint collection window and then affects the recognition efficiency.


Upon the development of biometric technology, fingerprint recognition could be widely used in assorted fields and would become the standard unlocking method of the smart door lock. Philips EasyKey, adopted semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology, which makes you enjoy unlocking upon one touch.